• Scribe Planning

    Flexible and comprehensive planning record management for your council

    With Scribe Planning you can record all applications, recommendations, and decisions made, including on appeal.

    Development proposals

    Application consultations

    Council responses

    Planning decisions

    Report compilation

    Analysis of previous decisions

    Scribe Planning handles all the records of planning application consultations processed by the local council, and provides the opportunity to look up previous cases and review policy.


    The Localism Act and Neighbourhood Planning

    Scribe Planning reflects the Localism Act, including Neighbourhood Development Plans and Neighbourhood Development Orders. Designed to fit in with Neighbourhood planning, you can also reflect planning policies in your records, and if you are active in community planning you can also link the database directly to a GIS mapping system.


    You can also use this information as a long term reference for analysis of previous decisions, development in the community, planning policy review, and to help with neighbourhood planning.


    With Scribe Planning you can maintain an independent information system, and analyse planning decisions and development progress.


    Scribe Planning allows for the easy saving and printing of reports. All reports can be produced and printed in a range of output formats, with documents and images easily emailed direct from the case, and any such documents received can also be stored against each planning case.


    The Planning package is flexible and can support the requirements, processes, and current regulations involved in handling all kinds of application. The application has also been developed in the same database system as Scribe Accounts for ease of use.


    Detailed help articles are included with the software; for dealing with special cases, for using maps and plans, and for using the free GIS supplied, or even with other GIS systems.


    To provide for councils where full GIS would not be cost-effective, entry level software for Scribe Planning has been sourced on behalf of customers and is included for FREE with the installation package.

    Scribe Planning enables you to:

    Securely and efficiently maintain your records and documents

    • Register all planning applications received (or other licensing applications).
    • Record details of proposed development, locations and applicants.
    • Keep a permanent record of your local council comments.
    • Keep details of Planning Authority planning decisions and conditions, decisions by other authorities such as County or Park Authorities, or Secretary of State decisions on appeal.
    • Handle amendments to earlier applications when revised plans are received, and record informal pre-application consultations.
    • Create a schedule of applications for local council comment , or list outstanding decisions.
    • Produce individual letters for local use, or produce documents to send comments to the Planning Authority.
    • Create as many standard notices or other documents as you need, incorporating user-defined paragraphs.
    • If the clauses of the Localism Act are eventually introduced, you can produce decision documents, for example approvals under conditions of an NDO permission.
    • Record your responses to consultations and output these into your Word documents or online responses, and create documents easily from within the application, such as letters to residents and replies to other authorities.

    Research and analyse within your planning records:

    • Research previous cases and find the relevant ‘what we said last time’ comments.
    • Record locations, identify land according to the local policies, and categorise development and applications. Create extra parameters to suit local needs, for example to monitor conditions and development progress.
    • Apply filters to select cases according to any of the recorded attributes, such as location, decision, LDF status or type of application, and produce register lists of your selection.
    • Monitor and analyse decisions and trends, and schedule outstanding cases for circulation internally.

    Store Images and documents

    Multiple photographs and images can be stored against each planning case. These can be photos or documents, such as scanned drawings, drone footage, or documents attached to emails, letters and applications.


    Link with other technologies

    The Microsoft database used is a spatial database which meets interoperability standards and can be used directly with suitable GIS mapping applications.


    To provide for councils where full GIS would not be cost-effective, entry level software for Scribe Planning has been sourced on behalf of customers and is included for FREE with the installation package. This free software uses raster mapping only, but this can be upgraded.


    You can store photographs or scanned images of paper documents in a similar way. If sending comments electronically you can output your comments in a variety of formats to attach to emails, or copy directly into online forms.

    The FREE basic GIS provided is copyright to Mapmaker Ltd, and is not supported by Scribe Planning.

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