• Why use Scribe Accounts?

    Scribe has developed and supported easy-to-use solutions for the modern council for 30 years. Our software was designed to meet the precise needs of Clerks and other community organisation managers.


    Scribe Accounts represents the most cost-effective, reliable, purpose-built accounting option on the market, and is compliant with the Accounts Regulations and Practitioner Guidelines.


    Scribe Accounts is a full Receipts and Payments accounts recording system, which also includes an option to convert at Year End to an Income & Expenditure account and balance sheet.

    • An easy-to-use accounting system, built specifically for local councils
    • Assists in the best practice of your financial management requirements
    • Trusted by a network of local and town councils for over 30 years
    • Keeps council information secure, accurate, and visible
    • More robust and compliant than using just Excel

    Have complete access to your council's financial position at any time:

    Reports can easily be exported for meetings and presentations, or to published on your website.

    • Year End Statement
    • Budget Profiling
    • Reporting to Council
    • Detailed Bank Reconciliation
    • Ability to view audit journal trail
    • Sales and Invoice order production
    • VAT Returns

    With Scribe Accounts you can effortlessly produce all your reporting:

    The Annual Returns and Asset Register, and if converting to Income and Expenditure, also enter and report all adjustments, reserves, create an I&E Balance Sheet and supporting documents.

    • Calculate and produce VAT returns easily, including the schedule required with claims.
    • Operate a profiled budget to make realistic comparisons for time of year.
    • Produce detailed listings for audit and a wide range of summarised management reports.
    • Record your fixed assets and long-term investments.
    • Set your own cost centres and codes and set a budget against every service.
    • Record all transactions, including multiple entries and regular payments.
    • Record and print purchase orders or sales invoices prior to the transactions if needed.
    • Maintain a cash balance and multiple bank account balances.
    • Distinguish between internet banking, cheque and cash transactions.
    • Record payments into or out of the bank, or between accounts, and handle petty cash.
    • Produce a draft cheque list for member approval.
    • Compare expenditure against estimates for any code or cost centre, and produce summary reports for your Council in a variety of forms.
    • Make transfers between codes for allocation of central costs, divide transactions, and make journal note corrections providing a full audit trail.
    • Reconcile bank statements, both individually and for full reconciliation with all bank accounts.
    • Record and review business with individual suppliers or customers.
    • Show all expenditure under Section 137, Wellbeing or General Power of Competence.
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